You know your business, but we know your risk. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


Administering group benefits off the corner of your desk? Contract Eureka Consulting as your Plan Administrator and enjoy the freedom to focus on the rest of your desk. Increased efficiency and contract compliance are only a click away!


Claims management a chore? Eureka Consulting will manage the employer's reporting responsibilities for disability claims, providing you the freedom to focus on your REAL job! Help is only a click away.


Group retirement plan administration causing you to age prematurely? Contract Eureka Consulting as your Plan Administrator and feel the freedom of youth. Increased return on your time is only a click away!


Human Resources processes non-existent? At Eureka Consulting, we believe a personnel policy, job descriptions and offers of employment are the fundamental components of a strong human resources structure. Employee risk reduction is only a click away!


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Lyn McGaughey is a duly appointed Notary Public. This includes, but is not limited to, the power to administer oaths and certify true copies in Saskatchewan and attest to commercial instruments brought before her in Saskatchewan.

You know your business, but we know your risk.

Employers often inadvertently expose themselves to the risks associated with HR practices. Discovering that can be a real Eureka! moment. Find out how Eureka Consulting can provide cost-effective solutions to lighten your HR workload and reduce your exposure to risk.

Employees are your most valuable assets, yet many businesses do not have the resources to manage the changes to detailed labour laws when drafting personnel policies, job descriptions, offers of employment and other HR documentation. Well-crafted documentation can reduce legal risk while outlining employee benefits and opportunities to help improve morale, job satisfaction and employee retention. Competitive group benefits help define your overall compensation package, and are essential in attracting and retaining talented employees. Many companies are unaware of the ever-changing fiduciary and legal risks associated with offering group benefits plans, and require external support. At Eureka, we offer full plan administration services to lighten your workload and reduce your risk.

Meet Lyn McGaughey

Lyn McGaughey

Meet Lyn McGaughey

Lyn McGaughey, GBA, is an HR expert with a passion for helping small businesses. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services and group benefits industries, Lyn is able to use her knowledge and skills to solve problems for many businesses. Her diverse education and work experience affords her a valuable perspective on the unique conditions and risks that small businesses face in the areas of benefits administration and human resources consulting. Lyn is able to tailor service plans to meet your needs and provide a cost-effective way to reduce exposure to risk. Lyn is passionate about helping people. An entrepreneur at heart, Lyn has spent her life helping start-ups and small businesses. She is also actively involved in the local community, volunteering time with several organizations.
Lyn’s expertise was fundamental to the successful setup of our employee benefit plan. Her knowledge of the industry ensured we had a broker who understood group benefits while her administrative skills keep us organized and compliant.


Lyn provided our organization with valuable insight into HR best practices, and helped translate this knowledge to build a comprehensive administrative and policy framework for our Board and staff. This process is invaluable to small and medium enterprises that require external support and expertise.




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